Pay with bank cards via Paybis

1. Place your order on UPH Store and choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

2. Visit Paybis and enter the total amount of your UPH order in You Spend field and follow step by step instructions provided by Paybis. We also recommend you to open an account on Paybis for the future orders. When Paybis requests Bitcoin address enter unique address for your current order available on the UPH order confirmation page or email.

If you’re a beginner and you get lost - send a chat to Paybis friendly support team for assistance (chat button is in lower right corner).

3. Once Paybis payment is completed, please go to your UPH account, and on the Orders page click on “Please click to confirm your payment”. Enter your payment details (BTC address in HASH ID/Tx ID field and BTC amount in Crypto Amount field) and press “Confirm Payment”. Your payment details will be sent to our financial department for review. Usually, we confirm the payment within 24 hours.

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