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What is Semaglutide:

Semaglutide is a anti-diabetic and anti-obesity medication which is used to treat patients of type 2 diabetes and in long term weight management.

It impersonates GLP-1 hormone which is released in the gut and leads to insulin production which decreases body glucose level.

Mechanism of action:

It is a glucagon-like 1 peptide (GLP-1) agonist.
It increases the amount of insulin released and decreases the level of glucagon in the body.
Moreover, it delays emptying of the stomach and also reduces your appetite. When the stomach carries food for a greater time period, it sends signals of “fullness” to the brain.
The result of this process is an influential hunger subduing or vanquishing effect based on the patient’s own capacity to produce insulin. Patients don’t need to go through any surgeries or heavy medication in order to lose weight.

What are the benefits of Semaglutide:

It is given to type II diabetes patients since it controls the level of glucose in the body.
Decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or strokes in patients prone to it.
It promotes weight loss in patients who have an initial body mass index of 30kg/m2 or greater or patients who have a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or greater and also have at least one weight-related condition, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus and lipidemia.
It is advised along with diet and exercise.

How to use:

Its half-life in the blood is about 7 days.

Dosages may vary between users, it’s recommended to start with a low dose and titrate until you reach and maintain the desired effects, dosages can range from 0.25 to 2.5 mg per week.

Fast Facts:

Semaglutide acts via multiple pathways to affect weight loss
More than 30% type II diabetes patients experienced less than 5% weight loss.

Side effects:

Aerophagia or supragastric belching
Bloated stomach ( feeling of full )
Gut ache
Periodic fever syndrome
Yellow eyes or skin
Swelling and inflammation in stomach area


Biliary lithiasis
Diabetic retinopathy
Renal failure, renal impairment
History of angioneurotic edema
Medullary thyroid cancer
multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2)
thyroid C-cell tumors
Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Storage of Semaglutide:

Do not freeze.

Store your new, unused medicine pen in its original carton in the refrigerator.
Avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold as it may degrade the compound.
Prevent it from getting contaminated as water can generate chemical reactions in it.
Out of Reach: Store Semaglutide out of reach of children, pets, or anyone who should not have access to it.
Separation: Avoid storing Semaglutide in the same location as food, beverages, or other medications to prevent cross-contamination.


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